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Episode 001, nOobZ StarT h3Re

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Hack Virtual TV Episodes

TIMESTAMP: Feb, 2011. Quant Trading and the Global Robot Apocalypse

The ability to predict the stock market is a license to print money. Here we describe a new system that works in a radically different way than previous automated trading schemes. Our autonomous daemon system works by ingesting large quantities of online financial news stories, along with real-time stock price data, and then using that data stream to predict stock fluctuations. An additional boost in effectiveness is attained by seeding financial "news" stories through compliant bot nets to induce specific Stock prices to move in a favorable direction. Gulf Oil Spill coverage concludes ultimate responsibility lies with humans in general and they are to be "taken out of the loop". Embrace the Robot Apocalypse! Quicktime Format

Clinton and McCain = More of the Same

With the united states of America 2008 election winnowing process well under way, the Puri Media Group present a straightforward analysis of the lead candidates. As we approach the critical 2008 elections, the fundamental similarity between the anointed frontrunners Hillary Clinton and John McCain is revealed. Democrats, and America, cannot afford to screw up again. Bush's blatant, and thus transparent, disregard for the rule of Congress (eg, the Rule of Law) and the people has revealed a common agenda. The World cannot afford a continuation of wanton unregulated slash and burn capitalism. We also cannot afford a continuation of the "Long War" on "Terror"- it's bankrupting America much as the Cold War bankrupted the USSR and led to it's collapse. Democrats, Independents and Republicans need to rally for a new era in Washington politics before it's too late. The divisive polarized politics of the past must be minimized, and Obama has the personality and Leadership to do that. Clinton and McCain represent the bitterly partisan politics of the late 1900s. Obama is a President who can lead America proudly into the 21st Century and start to repair the damage done by George W Bush and his Quicktime Format

US Nuclear Strike on Iran - Martial Law Declared in US

TIMESTAMP: Dec 2008. -precognews- RESOLUTION: 0.946 In your near future, if you let it happen. In the waning months of his Reign, with Obama assuming the Presidency, and the world economy spiraling into chaos, Bush 'decides' on Iran. US operatives stage a false flag attack on the Aircraft carrier USS Stennis battle group in the Persian Golf. Under this rubric, Bush launches nuclear strikes against what he calls the "Islamofacists" in Iran. Iranian officials, who fled to safety in Pakistan, have promised a "strong and horrible" retaliation on the American homeland. In the United States, citizens are gripped by fear and martial law as been imposed in many areas to "prevent terrorism". INFOSOURCE// ROOT DISCLAIMER :::: This video is in NO WAY part of US Government Counter Propaganda effort ::::// Quicktime Format

Obama Supporters Storm Capital, 2008

TIMESTAMP: 2008, Precog News: RESOLUTION: 0.419, With the world spiraling towards global chaos, increasing numbers of nations are declaring martial law in an attempt to maintain their stranglehold on power. Pakistan, Iraq, Burma, China, Indonesia, and Saudia Arabia, to name but a few. Can this happen in the US? In this episode of the Pluri Media Group, we present one possible scenario of the near future. President Petraeus declares a state of emergency following the 2008 elections. We cover the aftermath. INFOSOURCE_ROOT Quicktime Format

President Cheney Addresses the Nation, 2008

TIMESTAMP: 2008, Precog News: RESOLUTION: 0.638, President Dick Cheney addresses the nation, announces martial law. Pluri News covers Cheney's heroic "voluntary torture" and the successful extraction of key confessions, validating the value of torture techniques. INFOSOURCE_ROOT Quicktime Format

Hack Virtual TV - Election Coverage 2008 (Bush)

Breaking News! From the pluri media group. President Bush Nullifies The 22nd Amendment to the Constitution limited presidents to two terms in office. Bush sez he will run in the 2008 election. Stay the course during war was his message to congress. and now, to the president of the corporation of america, George W Bush. Bush.m4v iPod Video Format, Quicktime Format

Hack Virtual TV - Election Coverage 2008 (Frist)

Who knows, even though he is presiding over the most shamelessly incompetent and corrupt congress in recent history, Republican hack Frist may very well be in the race for twenty oh eight. Frist.m4v iPod Video Format, Quicktime Format

Hack Virtual TV - Election Coverage 2008 (Condi)

Vote the Machine Ticket in 2008 ( you have a choice!!) Condi.m4v iPod Video Format, Quicktime Format

Episode 019

Hack Virtual TV presents the 2006 election voting fraud, paperless ballots and the end of democracy- hacking of electronic voting machines, and manipulation of the mainstream media. The corporate noise machine plows on with greedy determination. The only hope left for humanity is the Pluri Media Group and it's pervasive hacking of corporagovernment Machine. hack-vtv019.m4v iPod Video Format, Quicktime Format

Episode 018

Hack Virtual TV presents: How to hack Diebold electonic voting machine in 1 minute or less. Quicktime Format

Episode 017

Hack Virtual TV presents elections, electronic manipulations, and your stolen vote. hack-vtv017.m4v iPod Video Format, Quicktime Format

Episode 016

Blackmarket cyborgs and robots for sale. hack016.m4v iPod Video Format, Quicktime Format

Hack Virtual TV - Interlude

Classico Moto Italia X, San Jose California 2006. CMIX.m4v file iPod Video Format, file Quicktime Format

Episode 015

Blackmarket clones and body parts for sale?! hackvtv-015.m4v iPod Video Format, Quicktime Format

Episode 014

Special Pandemic Report - Breaking News from the Pluri Media Group. hackvtv-014.m4v iPod Video Format, Quicktime Format

Episode 013.6

Interlude - "Head for the Hills, Day 3 - 2006" at the Warehouse Cafe in Porta Costa, California. hackvtv-013_6.m4v iPod Video Format, Quicktime Format

Episode 013.5

Interlude - Earth Day 2006, Cherry Blossom Festival and Hot Rod Show in San Francisco. hackvtv-013_5.m4v iPod Video Format, Quicktime Format

Episode 013

The power of hive media, blogging and Pluri Media Group Virtual News. US forces 'used chemical weapons' during assault on city of Fallujah. hackvtv-013.m4v iPod Video Format, Quicktime Format

Episode 012 - Apr 15, 2006

Animusic II, Topless News, and "This Poem". hackvtv-012.mp4 iPod Video Format, Quicktime Format

Episode 011 - Apr 04, 2006

iClones, Software Hacking with HatHead, Hacking the Talking Bass for Art's Sake, Molten Bush. hackvtv-011.m4v iPod Video Format, Quicktime Format

Episode 010 - Mar 27 2006

Hack Virtual TV presents The Pluri Media Group presents Scanner Darkly into Italian Media Hacking 101 ('Telestreet'), and then on to a "special" message from the core. hackvtv-010.m4v iPod Video Format , hackvtv-011.wmv Windows Media Player Format

Episode 009 - Mar 9 2006

Don't Be Afraid of the Robots! (Music by Electric Six). hackvtv-09.m4v iPod Video Format , hackvtv-09.mp4 QT Video Format , hackvtv-09.wmv Windows Media Player Format

Episode 008 - Feb 25 2006

Some excellent animations/music videos from: GEM (Roger animimator - misadventuresintaiwan), and James Kochalka - Geoff Marislet (Monkey vs Robot). Followed by cyberplunk Defwheezer/LoFi and "The plague, epilogue..." Animations from GEM (Roger animimator - misadventuresintaiwan) and James Kochalka - Geoff Marislet (Monkey vs Robot)
. hackvtv-08.m4v iPod Video Format , hackvtv-08.mp4 QT Video Format , hackvtv-08.wmv Windows Media Player Format

Episode 007 - Feb 22 2006

The Media Wars - Intro. hackvtv-07.m4v iPod Video Format, hackvtv-08.mp4 QT Video Format, hackvtv-08.wmv Windows Media Player Format

Episode 006 - Feb 17 2006

News from iraq, ghoulish wedding, bonsai, slither trailer, gryphon's guide. hackvtv-06.m4v iPod Video Format, hackvtv-06.mp4 QT Video Format, hackvtv-06.wmv Windows Media Player Format
Episode 005 - Feb 14 2006

Cheney, robot cop, motocycle safety. hackvtv-05.m4v iPod Video Format, hackvtv-05.mp4 QT Video Format, hackvtv-05.wmv Windows Media Player Format

Episode 004 - Feb 06 2006

Kill Allen Wrench. hackvtv-04.m4v iPod Video Format, hackvtv-04.mp4 QT Video Format, hackvtv-04.wmv Windows Media Player Format

Episode 003 - Jan 31 2006

E-mail UR penis. hackvtv-03.m4v iPod Video Format, hackvtv-03.mp4 QT Video Format, hackvtv-03.mwv Windows Media Player Format

Episode 002 - Jan 29 2006

Supadubya. hackvtv-02.m4v iPod Video Format, hackvtv-02.mp4 QT Video Format, hackvtv-02.wmv Windows Media Player Format

Episode 001 - Jan 23 2006

Cortex in The Movies- the genesis and backstory of the Pluri Media Group. hackvtv-01.m4v iPod Video Format, hackvtv-01.mp4 QT Video Format, hackvtv-01.wmv Windows Media Player Format